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Grades 8 - 10

Here you'll find more information on the Grades 8 - 10 education programs currently on offer at Underwater World SEA LIFE Moolooba.

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Not looking for a guided programme?

Why not make Underwater World SEA LIFE Moolooba an extension of your classroom!

Our Sea It Yourself Tours allow you to lead your students through the aquarium and its' seven amazing zones where you'll discover thousands of marine and freshwater animals including stingrays, sawfish and beautiful tropical reef fish, all at your own pace. 

Aquatic Ecosystems - Theme: Habitats

A program exploring the different types of aquatic ecosystems, both on a local and global scale.


Students will learn about the relationships between organisms with different roles such as, predator and prey, parasite and host. This informative program will also look at energy and matter and the role of energy in ecosystem. 


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Survival of the Fittest - Theme: Adaptations

This program looks at how the body systems of animals interact in a coordinated way to provide the necessary requirements of life.


Students will learn to distinguish between different forms of reproduction in animals and compare and contrast the digestive and respiratory systems in aquatic animals. 


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Animal Behaviour - Theme: Adaptations

This is a challenging, yet fun and educational experience for gifted and talented students or classes wishing to focus specifically on learning more about animal behaviours.


Students will be immersed into the captive environment of our animals through problem-solving and scientific observations. 


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Phylum Fun - Theme: Classification

A program which focuses on teaching students all about biological classification systems in the aquatic world based on observable characteristics of aquatic animals. 


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Biodiversity - Theme: Conservation

This conservation-based program explores the effects of human impacts, such as carbon pollution and habitat destruction, on the water cycle and aquatic ecosystems.


It also teaches students the basics of laws and guidelines related to environmental rehabilitation and monitoring.


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Junior Tourism - Theme: Tourism

Teaching investigation into a tourist destination. Discover what makes UnderWater World a unique tourist destination.


Through direct observation, students will investigate interactions and marketing strategies within a tourism context. 


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If you’d like to learn more about any the programs for schools and vacation care groups on offer at Underwater World SEA LIFE Moolooba, please contact us on (07) 5458 6226.

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