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Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba, QLD, 4557

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With 11 themed zones, visitors have the opportunity to explore a unique underwater world at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast. Get hands on in the Tidal Touch Pools, enjoy the wonder of Seahorse Sanctuary, catch the famous Seal Show at Seal Island and don't forget to help us Find Dory.


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Oceanarium Sharks.jpg

Explore the depths of the ocean

Ocean Tunnel

Explore the depths of the ocean as you walk beneath our 80 meter long Ocean Tunnel. View sharks, rays, reef fish, sawfish and much more! With over 8 species of sharks and brand new Grey Nurse Sharks being back, sharks are definitely a favourite for most people visiting SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast. So don't miss out and come and see our Jawsome Sharks!

At a Glance

Some of the Animals you will see here...

  • Sharks
  • Rays
Seal Island Wide North.jpg

Prepare for seal-iness at

Seal Island!

Something ‘fishy’ is happening on Seal Island at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast! Our amazing seal presentation is full of surprises and maximum seal-iness! As if there wasn't already enough fun at Seal Island with 2 presentations daily now you can get even closer! Discover the true sight, smell and sound of our seals through the fun and educational interactives located in the lower seal viewing as you watch and learn about our resident seals.

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Australian Sea Lion
  • Australian Fur Seal
Tidal Pools Touch Linckia South.jpg

Get in touch with a sea star at

Tidal Touchpool

Discover our amazing marine animals in the Tidal Touch Pools! Roll up your sleeves! Get your hands wet in our interactive touch pool display. See and touch an array of marine life that can be found in local tide pools, including beautiful sea stars, sea cucumbers and much more. Tidal Touch Pool offers an interactive experience, where our expert education team are on hand to teach you all about the wonders of marine life.

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Thorny Sea Star
  • Banded Sea Urchin

Back by popular demand!

The Octonauts

Back by popular demand explore the amazing world of the Octonauts and play your part helping the crew on brand new underwater missions!Explore a mysterious cave with Captain Barnacles and sound the Octo-Alert to light-up the amazing creatures living inside. Join Kwazii on a thrilling chase to reclaim his long-lost treasure and search the shipwreck for yourself to find the real creatures hiding inside.

The Octonauts Zone Features:

Completely new aquatic animals in dynamic themed displays

  • 3D digital talking Octonauts crew members
  • Exclusive, brand new Octonauts animations
Coastal Wreck Wide North.jpg

See Australia's coastal creatures in

Coastal Wreck

Discover our amazing and mysterious Coastal Wreck, and learn about the many species that inhabit the coral reefs around Australia. Australia's oceans are rich with marine wildlife, and here, amongst a shipwreck environment you can discover a variety of animals which are found in Australia's coastal waters such as the Lionfish, Eels, the Common Octopus and other tropical fish.

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Lionfish
  • Common Octopus
Finding Dory Wide East.jpg

Brand New

Finding Dory and Friends: The Experience!

Created with Disney•Pixar, the new experience features interactive magical moments from the box-office smash hit, Finding Dory. Throughout the interactive journey at Sea Life Sunshine Coast, a Pipe Pals trail will guide and surprise with tales of amazing underwater animals, leading guests into Dory’s Reef.

At a Glance

Experience fun activities including:

  • Ridin’ the EAC with Crush
  • Nemo’s Anemone Challenge, and using your own echo locator in Bailey’s Maze.
Jellyfish Kingdom Wide East.jpg

The most interactive Jellyfish experience

Jellyfish Kingdom

Jellyfish Kingdom features fascinating jellyfish species to encounter. Did you know that jellyfish have lived in oceans for over 650 million years? That means they’re older than dinosaurs and even sharks! See these majestic animals up close, marvel at their infinite colours, graceful motion and ghost-like forms.

At a Glance

Some of the animals you will see in this zone...

  • Blue Blubber
  • Moon Jelly
Lower Seal Island Wide.jpg

Have a closer look beneath the surface at

Lower Seal Island

Have a close look at our playful seals underneath the water. This is the best way to really watch their agility, speed and natural behavior under water.

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Australian Sea Lion
  • Australian Fur Seal
Seahorse Sanctuary Wide East.jpg

Explore our

Seahorse Sanctuary

Meet the some of the most amazing marine creatures in the world right here in Seahorse Sanctuary. Have a close look at our Weedy Sea Dragons and Pot-bellied Seahorses. Be entranced by their delicate movement. Be mesmerised by their courtship dances; and be wowed by these wonders of nature!

At a Glance

Some of the animals you will see here...

  • Weedy Sea Dragon
  • Pot Bellied Seahorse
Freshwater Streams Wide North.jpg

Get to know the creatures in

Freshwater Streams

Get to know the creatures in our Freshwater Streams zone - some of these creatures are all freshwater and all unique in their own special way. Say 'hi' to our Freshwater Crocodile Marge and get up close and personal with giant Barramundi. Meet some of our long-term residents, as they cruise near the surface, patrolling the exhibit.

At a glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Barramundi
  • Freshwater Crocodile
Shipwreck Shores Playzone Wide South.jpg

Explore an Exciting New World at

Shipwreck Shores

Shipwreck Shores is a three-level indoor play zone featuring a themed twisty slide, climbing frames and fun obstacles. The shipwreck-themed structure, which is included in the admission price is guaranteed to keep the kids entertained for hours. Real life shipwrecks provide rich new habitats for creatures to grow, and like them, our shipwreck themed playground is a place of fun and adventure, if you look hard enough you may discover hidden natural wonders!

At a Glance

A three-level indoor play zone featuring

  • a twisty slide
  • climbing frames
Billabong Wide North610x343.jpg

Get to know our freshwater animals at


Get up close and personal with our giant Barramundi, and have a good look at them underneath the surface. There is heaps to see at Billabongs, including Mertens' water monitor and much more!

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Barramundi
  • Freshwater Crocodile