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Jellyfish Species

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Blue Blubbers

The Blue blubber is the most common sea jelly in south-east Queensland.Its name is slightly misleading because in southern Queensland and Victoria it is blue whereas in the Sydney region it is white or brown, due to the presence of plant cells in the substance of the body.These Blubbers are often found in dense swarms, swimming just below the surface of the water.

Moon Jellies

These fascinating animals have translucent bodies and can be recognised by their four horseshoe-shaped organs, easily seen through the top of their bodies (or the 'bell'). The Moon jelly is capable of only limited motion, and drifts with the current, even when swimming. Amazingly, Sea Jellies are primitive animals with no brain and have just one opening where food goes in … and comes out.

Jellyfish Fun Fact

Did you know that jellyfish have lived in oceans for over 650 million years? That means they’re older than dinosaurs and even sharks!

See these majestic animals up close at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast's Jellyfish Kingdom, marvel at their infinite colours, graceful motion and ghost-like forms.

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