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Sea Horses and Relatives

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Weedy Sea Dragon

Weedy Sea Dragons are a marine fish related to the seahorse, and can reach 45cm in length. Often referred to as 'Masters of Disguise', they have the unique ability to appear virtually invisible to their predators. Looking a lot like seaweed, sea dragons move in a similar swaying motion as seaweed would if caught in a current. This camouflage trick protects them further from predators and is known as 'mimicry'.

Pot Bellied Seahorse

The Pot-bellied seahorse is claimed to be one of the world’s largest seahorse species and can reach up to 35cm in length.Their common shades of yellow and brown help them hide among seaweed and sea grasses – making them hard to spot to predators. They are the most common seahorse in southern Australian waters and are found in waters of up to five meters, from Eastern Victoria to South Australia, including Tasmania.

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Coral Reef Fish

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Pacific Reef Fish

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Sea Stars and Sea Urchins