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Seal Island

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Meet one of our seals!

After each presentation you can come and say 'hello' to our fishy friends and have your photograph taken. There are also a number of other interactive seal experiences available daily!

Meet Teiko

Teiko is a female Australian Sea Lion who was born here at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast in 1997 as part of the endangered Australian Sea Lion breeding program. Teiko has a very unique swimming style and she can often be seen twirling as she glides through the water – this makes her really easy to spot! Her whiskers are also the longest of all our seals. Teiko enjoys interacting with guests and she’s also pretty playful! Her favourite enrichment toys are shiny silver objects in various shapes and sizes as well as a length of stretchy bungee, however like most of the seals here at Seal Island Teiko is also fond of having a shower underneath running water.

Meet Groucho

Let us introduce you to Groucho, one of our resident seals who arrived at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast in 2000. He was found on a Victorian beach, only weighing 11.5kg. It is thought that members of the public had probably been feeding Groucho from a young age, which had caused him to forget how to hunt for himself. He had become reliant on people for food and was starving. He's definitely not starving anymore (he often weighs over 200kg!) and his story teaches a valuable lesson as to why we should never feed wild animals! Groucho enjoys public interactions through seal swims, daily presentations and has even found love with his long term girlfriend Bella, another resident seal.

Seal Fun Fact:

Seals sometimes spend months at sea, not stepping foot (or flipper) onto land. Luckily, they can sleep underwater!

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