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Jellyfish Kingdom

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast has the most awesome collection of jellyfish!

Brand new this December, Jellyfish Kingdom features fascinating jellyfish species to encounter.

Did you know that jellyfish have lived in oceans for over 650 million years? That means they’re older than dinosaurs and even sharks!

See these majestic animals up close, marvel at their infinite colours, graceful motion and ghost-like forms.

Jellyfish aren’t very good swimmers and rely heavily on the water current to carry them around the water, which is one reason why jellyfish often occur in big groups known as “blooms” or “swarms.”

Did you know?

The body of the jellyfish is known as the “bell.”

Check out the two of the species in this zone...


Blue Blubber: a large jellyfish that despite the name, is actually white!
Moon Jelly: this translucent jellyfish will transfix you
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