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Sandbar Whaler

The Sandbar Whaler Shark is also called the thickskin shark or brown shark.

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Sandbar Whaler Shark

The Sandbar Whaler Shark is one of the biggest coastal sharks in the world, and is closely related to the Dusky Shark, the Bignose Shark, and the Bull Shark.

Its dorsal fin is triangular and very high. Sandbar sharks usually have heavy-set bodies and rounded snouts that are shorter than the average shark's snout. Their upper teeth have broadly uneven cusps with sharp edges. Its second dorsal fin and anal fin are close to the same height. Females can grow to 2/2.5 m, males up to 1.8 m.

Its body color can vary from a bluish to a brownish grey to a bronze, with a white or pale underside. Sandbar sharks swim alone or gather in sex-segregated schools that vary in size.

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