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Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba, QLD, 4557

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Ocean Tunnel

Explore the depths of the ocean as you walk beneath our 80 meter long oceanarium.

Ocean Tunnel

Soak in the amazing sea view in our 80 metre Ocean Tunnel and discover the three different and unique zones. Take in the collection of coloured fish in Coral Cove, encounter eight species of sharks in Shark Shipwreck and meet a variety of marine life in Bay of Rays.

Shark Shipwreck

Sharks are definitely a favourite for most people visiting SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, so one not to be missed! There's no turning back as you come face to face with huge sharks in Shark Shipwreck with more than 8 species of sharks. Also exclusive to SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, are our latest addition, the Grey Nurse Sharks. Make sure to come by and check them out. To discover more about our sharks, click below.

Coral Kingdom

Who knows what colourful fish you may spot lurking between the vast array of colours and shapes in Coral Cove. Some of the more visually striking fish call this place home. View them all and use our new touch screens to find out what they enjoy eating and what makes these fish amazing! There are so many colours and variations of fish to see in this amazing tropical paradise.

Bay of Rays

See a collection of gliding rays, from the sleek sting rays to the amazing cownose rays as they smoothly sail through the seawater tank. These happy little creatures are great to watch as they glide over your head in the Ocean walk through. View the newest addition to our family of rays: the Cownose rays and watch as they swim in formation. Click below to discover more about the inhabitants of our Bay of Rays.

View sharks, rays, reef fish, sawfish and much more!

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