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Pacific Reef

Discover our collection of tropical fish in our Pacific Reef tank. Encounter marine animals you would see in the Great Barrier Reef.

Welcome to Pacific Reef!

The Great Barrier Reef runs down much of the coastline of north eastern Australia and is a World Heritage Site. It is the world's largest structure built by living organisms and is one of the few such structures that is visible from space.

In the Pacific Reef tank you will see beautiful coral, clownfish, crayfish, anemones and clams!

Take in the profusion of colour in the Pacific Reef Zone- you may even catch a Clownfish darting around and hiding in the anemones.

Check out some of the animals in this zone...

Clown Anemonefish: The fish that found fame after Finding Nemo
Giant Clam: huge molluscs reaching up to 1.2m in size
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