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Seahorse Sanctuary

Meet the some of the most amazing marine creatures in the world! Meet three species of seahorses, in our brand new Seahorse Sanctuary.

Be entranced by their delicate movement. Be mesmerised by their courtship dances; and be wowed by these wonders of nature!

We have three species of Seahorses here, the Weedy and Leafy sea dragons and Pot-bellied seahorses.

Growing no more than 45cm in length, the seahorse is perhaps best known for the fact that the male of the species generally carries the eggs in their belly until birth - a trait unique to the seahorse family.

Did you know?

Seahorses have a ‘ring’ of spines called a coronet on top of their heads. No two seahorses have the same shaped coronet – just like our fingerprints!

Meet some of our seahorse residents below...

Weedy Sea Dragon: Fascinatingly beautiful relatives of seahorses
Pot Bellied Seahorse: one of the world’s largest seahorse species
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