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Australian Fur Seal

All species of fur seals have large eyes, a pointed face with whiskers and sharp teeth.

Australian Fur Seal

Australian Fur Seal - Groucho

Let us introduce you to Groucho, one of our resident seals who arrived at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast in 2000.  He was found on a Victorian beach, only weighing 11.5kg. It is thought that members of the public had probably been feeding Groucho from a young age, which had caused him to forget how to hunt for himself. He had become reliant on people for food and was starving. He's definitely not starving anymore (he often weighs over 200kg!) and his story teaches a valuable lesson as to why we should never feed wild animals!  

Groucho enjoys public interactions through seal swims, daily presentations and has even found love with his long term girlfriend Bella, another resident seal.  


Australian Fur Seals are the largest Fur Seal species in the world - males have the potential to reach weights up to 360kg!


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