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Grades 1 -3

Here you'll find more information on the Grades 1 - 3 education programs currently on offer at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast.

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The Living Sea - Theme: Habitats

Theme: Habitats

This program allows your students to explore our 16 interactive zones and discover unique watery habitats such as the rock pools, freshwater streams and the ocean. Students will learn about the difference between living, non-living and once-living things of habitats in the aquatic world and it will also get your students thinking about the events that occur when habitats change and living things can no longer have their needs met.

Elaborations: ACSSU211 & ACSSU044


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Fur, Fins and Flippers - Theme: Adaptations

Theme: Adaptations


This program looks at the common features of aquatic animals. Through a journey of discovery, it will help your students to understand why animals have certain body features for
movement, for feeding and to help them flee from predators.

Elaborations: ACSSU017


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Hatching Out - Theme: Life Cycles

Theme: Life Cycles

A program designed to teach your students about plants and animals of the aquatic world growing and changing. They will recognise the different characteristics of the life cycle of frogs, fish, reptiles and even seals as they explore our 16 different interactive zones.

Elaborations: ACSSU030 & ACSSU044


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Lunchbox Lessons - Theme: Conservation

Theme: Conservation

This conservation-based program is designed to get your students thinking about how
science is used to care for our amazing marine environments. Students will identify ways in which we can manage and protect precious resources, such as water, and learn how to reduce and recycle waste at home and in school, to help protect threatened species and their habitats.

Elaborations: ACSHE022, ACSHE035, ACSIS024, ACSSU031 & ACSSU032


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Sea it Yourself Tour - Self Guided

Make SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast an extension of your classroom!

Our Sea It Yourself Tours allow you to lead your students through the aquarium and its' sixteen amazing zones where you'll discover thousands of marine and freshwater animals including stingrays, sawfish and beautiful tropical reef fish, all at your own pace. 


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If you’d like to learn more about any the programs for schools and vacation care groups on offer at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, please contact us on (07) 5458 6226.

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