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Grades 4 - 6

Here you'll find more information on the Grades 4 - 6 education programs currently offered at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast.

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Animal Antics - Theme: Habitats

Theme: Habitats

This program is designed to introduce the sun as an energy-provider and how energy flows in aquatic ecosystems. Watery Worlds also teaches students about the influence land-based food webs can have on those in the ocean. Your students will discover the differences between predators and prey; decomposers and scavengers and; producers and consumers.

Elaborations: ACSSU094, ACSSU073, ACSSU078 & ACSSU096


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Hide and Seek - Theme: Adaptations

Theme:  Adaptations

A program designed to teach your students all about the three different adaptations animals and plants have to survive in the aquatic environment – structural, functional and behavioural. This program also looks at relationships between animal structural and functional adaptations.

Elaborations: ACSSU043


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Sea-quences - Theme: Life Cycles

Theme: Life Cycles

Seaquences looks atthe different life cycles of animals in aquatic environments and how they differ from plants. Students will describe the different stages of the life cycles of frogs, fish, sharks and mammals!

Elaborations: ACSSU072


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SOS - Save Our Seas - Conservation

Theme: Conservation


A program designed to teach your students about how science is used to protect aquatic habitats and how people in our local community work together to save endangered species.
Students will also investigate different renewable resources and how aquariums such as SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast work to maintain strict environmental standards.

Elaborations: ACSSU112, ACSSU116 & ACSSU075


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Sea it Yourself - Self Guided Tour

Make SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast an extension of your classroom!


Our Sea It Yourself Tours allow you to lead your students through the aquarium and its' sixteen amazing zones where you'll discover thousands of marine and freshwater animals including stingrays, sawfish and beautiful tropical reef fish, all at your own pace. 


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If you’d like to learn more about any the programs for schools and vacation care groups on offer at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, please contact us on (07) 5458 6226.

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